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Because every client has unique goals, I am flexible with the services I offer, adjusting to the specific needs of each project. While many projects involve working with clients through a detailed design process, assisting them in obtaining and evaluating bids, and acting as their advocate during construction, other clients’ requirements may be far less complicated and involve only a few hours of my time as a consultant.

Regardless of the scope of your goals, all projects have two fundamental pieces: the design—figuring out what to do, and the build—implementation of the design. There are two distinct models for approaching these two tasks. One option is to hire a company that has both services under one roof—a “design/build” company. Too often, however, this arrangement results in a conflict of interest which pits the quality of construction against the profit motive of the contractor. Thus, I believe a far better approach is to treat the design and the build as two separate, but intimately related efforts. This is how my practice operates. After working with you to achieve a wonderful design solution, I can help you to hire the right contractor and act as your advocate during the construction process. This ensures that your design is realized exactly as we envisioned it, and built to the highest quality.

Executing a full project typically includes the following steps:

Design Services

Construction Administration Services


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