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Education and Background

I am a licensed landscape architect in the state of Colorado (license #381)

Why does this matter? Being a licensed landscape architect distinguishes me from "landscape designers," "landscapers," and "landscape contractors." My master's degree (MLA) from an accredited Landscape Architecture program, years of professional experience, and state-issued license mean I have the competence and specialized expertise necessary to perform the full range of landscape architectural services.


Relevant Work Experience


Growing up under the wings of a father who is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects and a mother who is an award-winning sculptor, it is safe to say that design is in my blood. I am a passionate, imaginative and flexible person, committed to excellence in all aspects of life. As a native of Colorado, my understanding of ecological and cultural issues pertaining to the region is extensive and I am eager to work with clients that appreciate my passion for the design and creation of beautiful, evocative and sustainable outdoor environments. A leader and a listener, my skills as a tenacious and strong-willed project manager, businessman and real estate consultant have proven invaluable to my clients. I am quick to grasp the complexities of a design problem and create dramatic and functional solutions that are both environmentally sensitive and aesthetically appropriate. I have been told that I have a gift for seeing spaces not merely for what they are, but for what they could become. I love to work with people to create wonderful places of which we can all be proud.

When not at work, I love spending time with my dearest friend and beautiful wife Jenny and our fat cat Casey. I enjoy art and architecture, skiing, sailing, kayaking, seeing new places and spending time with friends and family. I love playing outside, whether windsurfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, snow boarding, or telemark skiing. Even though I live in Colorado, I have an ongoing love affair with the water. Put me on any boat, from a canoe to a 40-foot sailboat, and I'm in heaven.


Dave Johnson
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