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Design Philosophy

Landscape architecture is the conscious creation of outdoor spaces. It represents a lasting contribution to our homes and communities, and becomes integral to our daily lives. Given this, I believe that design must exceed the requirements of simple function. My goal is to create places that elicit an enduring emotional response.

Exceptional landscape architecture is achieved only with dedication and insight. Collaboration and trust between designer and client can yield wonderful designs that exceed the expectations of all involved. As issues of context, function, materials and budget are resolved, the design is transformed into detailed built forms that move beyond a vision into a sense of place and timelessness.

At the inception of any design project, client and landscape architect begin a journey down a path, seeking a destination not yet known. I understand that communication is fundamental to reaching the client's desired result. A comprehensive understanding of the needs and goals of the client is essential as the basis for design and as a continuing check throughout the evolution of each project. I believe that knowing how to question and how to listen are critical to creating a design solution that exceeds the client's expectations.


Dave Johnson
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