Remodeling and Home Design
Remodeling and Home Design

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Dave Johnson, Landscape Architect


Gardens have never been as important in our lives as they are today. In our stressful world, the garden has become a sanctuary—a place to be in touch with the seasons and elements, and in which to refresh the spirits. Indeed, with our landscape being eroded by industry and urban sprawl, the garden is the only green space to which many of us have access. This is why it is essential that we use our gardens to the full, as spaces for modern living. It may be that you have no more than a windy terrace on your roof or a green swathe around your house. But whatever outdoor space you have, its development into a place which is functional and beautiful will bring with it a better quality of life, providing you with somewhere to play, to tend and to breathe.
-- The Essential Garden Book

The design of your yard is just as essential as the design of your home—and just as your house should be designed and built by a professional, so should its outdoor spaces.

Good design is complex: the marriage of aesthetics and function requires success on many different levels, both tangible and intangible. As a landscape architect, I bring not only a knowledge of plants but an architect’s design sensibility, an awareness of environmental psychology, and a practiced ear for listening to your needs and aspirations. Perhaps most importantly, by looking with fresh eyes, I will help you see the potential of your yard, and help you seize the opportunity of making it a reflection of you.

Please explore this website to learn a little about me, my work, and my design process. I welcome your phone call or email to set an appointment to discuss how we might work together to create a space of lasting beauty and fulfilment.

Dave Johnson
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